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Relevant Pictures is the work of producer/shooter Thomas Eugene Green. He works primarily in the fields of development and production for televison and digital media.

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Relevant Pictures Los Angeles, CA 90039 USA

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Relevant Work

This portfolio features selected works that were piloted, produced, shot, directed, edited and/or animated - and in some cases, a combination of all of the above - by Thomas Eugene Green. For more information please contact.
Sonos Studio
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Sonos Studio and Pandora Present an Evening with Kate Nash

British import Kate Nash played to a packed house of L.A. fans at Sonos Studio on La Brea. Presented by Sonos and Pandora, the intimate show in the acoustically-designed gallery was backed by an all-girl band who together performed a full set of Nash's indie rock tunes. Celebrating the recent release of the acclaimed singer/songwriter's third studio album, Girl Talk, the show got the audience's hands in the air and we were there to capture it all in HD.

Sonos Studio and Pandora Present an Evening with Kate TALIB KWELI

Brooklyn based artist Talib Kweli made a stop in Los Angeles for a very special (and private) performance on at Sonos Studio. Despite the packed house which inevitably made it feel like a sauna, Talib Kweli’s stage presence was incredible. He played a lot of familiar tracks, like “The Blast,” “Hot Thang” and “Get By,” but also teased the crowd with samplings from his newer album Gravitas. This music is hip-hop at its finest.


Client: Pandora



PRODUCER: Fhay Aeceo

CAMERA: Thomas Eugene Green, Joey Graziano and Pete Stoddard

Fusion TV
Development work


Relevant spent most of 2013 developing and piloting four shows for Fusion. Fusion is a news-and-lifestyle cable network backed by Univision and ABC that tilts toward Hispanic consumers. Relevant produced and developed three studio pilots for the Oct 28th launch inlcuding "Open Source with Leon Krauze", "Sports Talkers", and the "Esposito Esperience with Cameron Espoisito". All production and payroll for these shows came under Relevant and we also partnered with Camel Corn Design to build the sets for "Sorts Talkers" created by the Harvard Sailing Team and "No You Shut Up!" which was created by David Javerbaum.


Client: Fusion


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Billy Kimball and George Lansbury


Across the Board with Joy Bryant
Web Series

Across the Board Episode 1

Paul Rodriguez Jr.

Across the Board Episode 2


Across the Board Episode 3

Ericka Christenson

Across the Board Episode 4

Samantha Ronson

Across the Board Episode 5

Steve Byrne

Across The Board with Joy Bryant

In partnership with Moxie Picture, Relevant produced this action talk show hosted by model/actress Joy Bryant. Each episode Joy dives deep into conversation with celebrity guests while they board around town. Show guest include Erika Christensen, Paul Rrodirguez Jr. Steve-O and others. This show was commissioned by the Reverve Channel on YouTube which is owned by Uncommon Content Partners.


Client: Moxie Pictures


DIRECTOR: Pam Thomas

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Kevin Law, George Lansbury and Roger Zorovich

PRODUCER: Thomas Eugene Green


CAMERA: Russell Brownley, Michael Reich, Larkin Donely, Rob Hauer, Tomi Skarica, Joey Graziano Jeycob Carlson and Thomas Eugene Green

EDITOR: Anthony Ferraro, Thomas Eugene Green

Test Tube
Discovery Digital

Test Tube Network Promo

Discovery Digital

Test Tube Promo

Discovery Digital hired Relevant to help launch their new digitial network Test Tube. Relevant created three spots (:30,:60,:90) inspired from their tagline "Believe in a more brilliant world" that highlight the many new shows featured on the network including, DNews, Shots of Awe, Blow It Up, Distort and Scam School.


DIRECTOR/EDITOR: Thomas Eugene Green

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Chris Turner, Tom Lofthouse, Barry Pousman

PRODUCER: Kate Sullivan Green

Broken City
20th Century Fox


In 2013, Tom was contacted by Cindy Mollo A.C.E. and asked to submit a proposal to design and animate the opening titles and credits for Broken City. The movie was directed by Allen Hughes and stars Mark Wahlberg, Russel Crowe, and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Pandora Presents
Walk the Moon

Pandora Presents: Walk The Moon

Pandora Presents is a live concert series, where top artist from Pandora Radio are hired to give a concert to fans. Invitations to the event are extended free of charge to listeners who live near the concert location and who have "thumbed up" the band. The most recent live show featured Walk The Moon at the Key Club in Los Angeles.


Client: Pandora

Credits: Director - Daniel Ghar Camera - Thomas Green, Joey Graziano Audio Op - Brett Alphin Production Manager - Fhay Arceo

Video Town
Normal TV





VIDEO TOWN is a TV pilot I cut and helped shoot that was produced by my friends over at Normal. The show was selected for the LA Comedy Shorts Festival in 2013.

Credits: Directed by Michael Riech & Michael Pinkney
Written by Michael Riech, Michael Pinkney and James Kirkland
Produced by Normal
DP Erik Messerschmidt
Cinematographer Thomas Green
Edited by Forrest Borie, Thomas Green, Michael Riech & Michael Pinkney

Addicted with Kristina Wandzilak
Season 1

Addicted with Kristina Wandzilak

Addicted is one hour docu-series that follows the lives of indivduals struggling with addiction as they work with interventionist Kristina Wandzilak. Each episode takes the viewers on an unpredictable journey of recovery and details the harrowing struggle of becoming sober. Six episodes were ordered by TLC in 2010. I ran camera on all six episodes and was leading producer on two.


Client: Asylum Entertainment

Credits: Executive Producer: Janice Engle
Shot and Prodcued by Thomas Green, Jason Tongen, Francis Porter and Mike Webster
Production Manager: Fhay Arceo

The Power of Two
Feature Documentary

The Power of Two

In 2010, Relevant Pictures was approached by Academy Award-nominated Producer Marc Smolowitz to handle all aspects of post-production for his documentary feature, “The Power of Two.” The film chronicles the lives of half-Japanese twin sisters Anabel Stenzel and Isabel Stenzel Byrnes, their battle with the fatal genetic disease cystic fibrosis (CF) and miraculous survival through double lung transplants. Relevant carved the 94-minute documentary out 17 TB's of footage from a variety of sources, including HD video, VHS, 16mm, Super-8, photos, and journal entries. On top of it all, nearly half of the footage was in Japanese. We opened up our office to the film’s team and after seven months of work, we locked picture. In 2011, The Power of Two had its World Premiere at Docuweeks, with weeklong screenings in New York and Los Angeles, and was most recently accepted into the Tokyo International Film Festival.


Director: Mark Smolowitz

Credits: Edited by Matthew Sultan and Thomas Green
Animations by Tim Palmer

The J.A.M. Awards
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The J.A.M. Awards

The J.A.M. Awards, founded in 2007, are the first socially responsible awards created within the hip-hop community. The awards are inspired by Jam Master Jay's efforts to promote social Justice, Arts and Music ("J.A.M.") in his local community and around the world. The J.A.M. Awards select three honorees from the hip-hop community, one in the field of social Justice, on in the arts and another in Music. Candidates are selected based upon the impact they have made in their respective category and their record of helping others. This is the second segment of the show I wrote, produced, and edited while working at Current TV.

Hosted by Anthony Marshall
Directed by Mark Rinehart
Written, Produced and Edited by Julian Robinson and Thomas Eugene Green.
Produced by Georgi Goldman
Animations by Timothy Palmer and Nik Braatz

TV FREE Burning Man 2007
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TV Free Burning Man 2007
THEME: Green Man

For two-weeks a small crew embedded in Black Rock City Nevada and documented the art of Burning Man. All pieces were editied in the field and beamed up to interrupt the broadcast signal of Current TV, culminating in a 2-hour live TV event detailing the burning of the man.
This work was nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy in the Best New Approach to documenting Arts, Culture and Lifestyle in 2008.

Network: Current TV

Executive Produced by Justin Gunn and Mark Rinehart
Produced, shot and Edited by Julian Robinson, Matthew Sultan, Jason Tongen, Thomas Eugene Green, Andrew Clark, Kiyash Monsef, Daniel Gahr, Justin Gunn and Mark Rinehart.
Broadcast Engineers Dave Simon and Cory Boldt
Animations by Timothy Palmer
Associate Producer Alex Rochestie

TV Free Burning Man 2008
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TV Free Burning Man

American Dream, Black Rock City, NV 2008
For the second year in a row TV Free was back to document the artists and artwork at Burning Man before it all got roasted. This is who we met.

Network: Current TV

Executive Produced by Justin Gunn and Mark Rinehart
Produced, shot and Edited by Julian Robinson, Matthew Sultan, Jason Tongen, Thomas Eugene Green, Tom Barbor Might Andrew Clark, Kiyash Monsef, Daniel Gahr, Justin Gunn and Mark Rinehart.
Broadcast Engineers Dave Simon, Cory Boldt, and Bob Bacon
Production Manager Fhay Arceo
Animations by Micah Hahn
Associate Producer Alex Rochestie

MTV True Life
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MTV True Life I'm Changing My Sex.

What if you believed you were a certain gender, but were born the other? Follow Elle and Ted as they have their outsides match their insides.


Client: Gigantic Productions

Thomas Eugene Green : Field Producer/Cinematographer

Toyota Sessions
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Toyota Sessions on Pandora

Toyota Sessions on Pandora presents exclusive access and intimate performances of emerging artisits. For each session we filmed in depth interviews, live perfomances and studio sessions with multi- track audio recordings.
Here are a few of the most recent sessions from Nico Vega, Nick Waterhouse, St. Lucia, and ZZ Ward.


Client: Pandora

Director/Editor Pete Stoddard
Director of Photography Thomas Eugene Green
Producer Fhay Arceo

The Immersionist with Gavin McInnes
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The Immersionist with Gavin McInnes

This is a TV pilot starring Vice's Gavin McInnes that I shot and field produced for Current TV.
The pilot was created by Julian Robinson, Mark Rinehart, Alex Maness, Brandon Gross, David Casey, and Thomas Eugene Green.

Network: Current TV

ITVS Promo Spots
Created for Independent Lens and FUTURESTATES

ITVS Promos

Relevant works with the Independent Television Service (ITVS) to produce, edit and animate promotional spots for their Emmy Award winning series Independent Lens, as well as the short narrative series FUTURESTATES and several feature documentaries.


Client: ITVS

Current News
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The Current News

The Current News was an hourly news update that was broadcast in both the United Kingdom and United States 24/7 for Current TV.

Network: Current TV

Graphics: Micah Hahn
Manager: Erik Nordby
Producers: Phil Stuart, Kiyash Monsef

One hour TV special

Blakkbox: Data from the inside.

In July of 2006, a small team of punk journalist flew to the Middle East at the height of the conflict between the Israel and Hezzbollah. This is what the witnessed on the ground.
Three young Americans known collectively as Blakkbox travel to Lebanon during the height of the 2006 July War between the Israeli military and Hezbollah. The first pod of the 7-episode series details what it's like going into a war zone when everyone is heading out.

Network: Current TV

Produced,Directed and Edited by Thomas Eugene Green

Solec Thermal
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Soltec Thermal Cameras

Soltec hired Relevant to creat a series of product videos for their line of infrared thermal cameras.


Client: Soltec

The Tribe
Short Film

The Tribe

An unorthodox, unauthorized, history of the Jewish people and the Barbie doll…in about 18min.

Selected for Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals 2006


Director:: Tiffany Shlain

Animated by: Thomas Eugene Green


Relevant Pictures was founded in 2009 and for five years has been picking up and putting down in the field of production, development and cinematography for television, film and digital media. Relevant is owned by Thomas Eugene Green and operates out of Los Angeles, CA.

Relevant Pictures is also the parent company of Relevant Docs, which was founded by Kate Sullivan Green in 2014, and provides distribution and promotions services for films and series airing on public television. To learn more, please visit

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    Thomas Eugene Green

    Producer & Cinematographer

  • Thomas Eugene Green is a Los Angeles based Producer, Director of Photography and Camera Operator who has been working in the Film & Television Industry for the last nine years. His projects include TV shows, films, web series, commercials, industrials, sizzle reels, music videos and concert films. Tom has produced and filmed programming for many networks and brands including TLC, MTV, Current, Animal Planet, MySpace, GE and Fusion TV. His various projects have earned him several awards including an Emmy nomination in 2007 for his coverage of the Burning Man Arts Festival and a Hugo Award for the J.A.M. Awards that celebrated the history of Hip Hop and legendary DJ, Jam Master Jay. Tom is also an accomplished animator. In 2006, he animated the Sundance selected short film The Tribe and also animated the opening titles for Mark Wahlberg’s film, Broken City in 2013.

    His love of music has had a huge influence on his work. Working with Pandora Radio, he's filmed concerts, embedded with bands on tour and recorded sessions in the some of the nicest studios in the country. He has filmed bands that cover the spectrum of the music industry including: Talib Kweli, De La Soul, Kate Nash, Imagine Dragons, Hiatus Kayote, Big Sean, Carole King, Train, Jennifer Hudson, Joe Walsh, Amon Tobin, Apollo Sunshine, Dr. Dog, Nico Vega, Theophilus London, Dierks Bentley and the Eli Young Band. Tom has also directed LIVE music events for Warner Brothers Summer Sessions on YouTube and the FYF Music Festival in Los Angeles.
    Tom is a certified Steadicam Owner/Operator, and has received extensive HD and lighting training. He owns a large equipment package and has experience shooting with many different formats and cameras including: 16mm, HD CAM, XDCAM, DSLR, DVCPRO HD, HDV, RED, P2, Digi Beta and DV. Tom loves to collaborate with Directors, Producers and other camera ops in order to achieve the best possible production. His positive attitude, experience, knowledge and enthusiasm are a benefit to any production.

  • The strength of Relevant Pictures is in their ability to interpret - and to elegantly shape - the message we want to bring to our audience.
    - Chris Turner, Director of Programming and Production, Discovery Digital Networks -
  • Tom helped produce our show from an initial concept to a fun, watchable pilot presentation.
    We were consistently impressed with his passion, his ideas and his motivation to deliver.
    - Dan Lubetkin, Senior VP, Production & Development, Avalon Television -
  • I have worked closely with Tom on projects that he shepherded from concept/development through execution. His participation in numerous projects was absolutely critical in their success. If you are looking for someone with a broad skill set, strong work ethic and a super positive attitude and energy, Tom is your man!
    - Andrew Clark, Post Production Supervisor at Al Jazeera America -
  • Tom Green is one of the most creative individuals I have had the pleasure to work with.
    He also has the skill set that allows him to bring an idea to fruition from treatment to fully executed/edited finished product.
    - Mark Rinehart, Executive Producer at Alloy/OWN Network -
  • Tom is one of the most creative, hardest working, and enthusiastic people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. His energy and dedication to each and every project is only outmatched by his ability to remain positive and under control in the most adverse situations.
    - Tim Palmer, Creative Director- Today is Tomorrow -

Cameras & Lenses

Full Gear List

One of my favorite hobbies is researching and buying new gear.

:: CANON C300 - with Redrock Ultra Cage
:: SONY FS700 - 4K/2K 35MM. 24, 29.97, 60, 120, 240, 480, 960 FPS (MetabonesEOS Mount/ sony E Monut)
:: CANON 5Dmk3 - with RAW Video capability
:: CANON 60D - Flexible LCD screen 60fps
:: CANON T3I - Flexible LCD screen 60fps - 3-10 times magnify zoom
:: PANASONIC HVX200 - P2 Storage
:: GoPro Hero 3 Black - 2 Hero 2's with mulitple accessories
:: Sony MiniDV - Multiple handycams with night vision :: Pansonic VHS Camcorder - with batteries
:: Bolex H16 Rex5 - 16mm film camera

. Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS II
. Canon 24-105mm f4
. Canon 17-55mm
. Canon 15 mm (fisheye)
. Lensbaby 35mm
. Sony 18-200mm
. Century Optics .5 Wide ANgle

. 2 MANFROTTO Tripods
. TIFFEN Steadicam Scout HD System
. Red Rock Micro Follow Focus
. RedRock Micro Captain Stubling Handheld Rig
. 2 MANFROTTO Monopod
. Motorized Turntable
. Onboard LED Camera Light
. TIFFEN Filters (UV, ND, ND Grad, Circ Polarizer, etc)
. Car Mount Suction System
. ZACUTO EVF and Z-Finder 2.5x Pro
. 2 SMALL HD 7" Onboard Monitor
. MARSHALL 7" Onboard Monitor
. PANASONIC 42" Directors Monitor
. SAMSUNG 27" Directors Monitor
. 36" Filmtools JR Magliner cart

. 2 Kino Flo DIVA LIGHTS 400 Light Panels, Tungsten/Daylight bulbs
. 4 C-Stands
. 10 light stands
. 12ft Greenscreen Back drop
. Cables, flags, cardellini clamps, mafers, suction mounts, duvetyn and sandbags

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Relevant Pictures
Oakland, CA 94611, USA